Nepal’s Hidden Canyons

Canyoning is an amazing full body and mind experience that enables you to explore some of the last forbidden places in the Himalayas.

We’re pioneers of canyoning in Nepal. Trips range from exploratory walks to some of Nepal’s most extreme canyoning.

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What is canyoning?

Our expert canyoning guides will lead you in abseiling, jumping and sliding down steep canyon walls and waterfalls to deep pools below. It’s wet and wild and you’ll have a great time!

Day 1 Panglang

The first day of canyoning is very close to the resort. We start with an instruction on abseiling and teach you how to abseil by yourself on the first waterfall. You gain confidence as you go through the next waterfalls and by the time you reach the 45 meter longest run you will be running down it in no time.

Full experience!

Visit all three canyons – one of the best canyoning trips in the Himalaya.

Day 2 Kanglang

Everyone that has done the first day is invited to come along on the second and third day of canyoning. The second day has a beautiful one hour hike to start the trip, followed by 8 abseils of a more advanced level. These abseils include a 60 meter waterfall and many exciting jumps and slides.

Canyoning and overnight stay


    Canyoning & overnight stay

    After an intensely refreshing canyon trip under natural showers plunging in deep crystal clear pools, make some time to relax in the luxuriant surroundings of the resort. Read a book in the hammock, play chess in the bar area, treat yourself to a massage, or take a short walk through the villages.

    Your canyoning trip includes lunch, and adding the overnight at the resort includes dinner, breakfast and lunch before the trip back to Kathmandu.

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Day 3 Bhulkute

The third day is again completely different from the previous two. Besides 60 meter abseils, jumps and slides, this canyon completely closes you off from the outside and shows you an unique world of its own. There are 9 abseils and lots of great swimming in pretty pools and streams. The one hour walk gives you great views as a extra bonus.

Star package

Two very different types of adventure and a groovy time at the Resort.


    Bungy & canyoning & overnight

    Bungy adrenaline hit combined with an amazing journey through our hidden canyons. Some of the best canyoning in the Himalayas. Transport, overnight and all meals included.

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Do it while you can!

If you set your heart on canyoning, your dream is about to come true! But you made it all this way, why not splash out and try rafting on the Bhote Kosi river (one of the world’s great rafting rivers) or jump the super famous bungy!

Giving back

A fixed amount of every canyoning trip is spent on developing the local infrastructure and supporting local projects. Let your adventure make a difference!

Canyoning, stay and rafting


    Canyoning & rafting & overnight stay

    A mix of water sports in this package – the powerful eddies and rapids Bhote Kosi river, and the fine streams and waterfalls of our Hidden Canyons. The first day takes you up to the canyon near the village of Panglang. Relax and eat well in the evening and enjoy the company of like minded people. After breakfast the next day, in to the rafts at little way from the resort, and, depending on the speed (and your fellow paddlers ability) enjoy up to 3 hours rafting to the take-out point.

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Our talented guides set safety standards for others to follow, leaving you free to enjoy your adventure with the knowledge that you are in the most capable hands. If you have half the fun we do, then you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!

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