White Water Rafting!

Tumbling from the snow-capped peaks of Tibet, the Bhote Kosi river provides some of the most exciting rafting and kayaking in Nepal, and is quite possibly one of the best short river trips offered anywhere in the world.

Longer trips? You can do that too on the Tamur River, Karnali, Sun Kosi, and Bhote Kosi.

Rafting on the Bhote Kosi is a full body experience, much more than simply paddling forward and backward.

Probably the most common paddle command on the Bhote Kosi River is:

“hold on!”

Rafting day trip

Best rafting day trip in Nepal on the Bhote Kosi.

Relax at the resort and rafting

Enjoy a nice time at the resort and do rafting the next day.

Relax at the Resort and do Rafting and Canyoning

Why not splash out and try Canyoning at Pangland and also do rafting on the Bhote Kosi river (one of the world’s great rafting rivers)?


Achyut Gautam

The most experienced rafting guide in Nepal

Ishwor Bogati

The charming kayak

Samir Shrestha

Funny guide