This is what Richard Goodey writes about the world highest canyon swing:

Find yourself peering over the edge, 524 feet above the raging waters of the Bhote Kosi, perched unnervingly high on a steel suspension bridge. This is the world’s highest canyon swing and it’s found a mere three hours from Kathmandu.

Experience what feels like infinity, a free fall of six to seven seconds as you swing like Tarzan through the jungle. There is nothing quite like the moments before you step off the edge!

Best hikes in the world: Alpine Passes Trail, Switzerland

The Last Resort is reopening in October 12th

Hello everybody,

The resort had been under construction ever since the Earthquake and now we are almost done.

We are ready to resume all our operation from the 12th of October 2015!! That too with a new system!

Keep an eye on our updates via our Facebook page and this website to look for more information.

Hoping to see you in October!

The Last Resort team.